David Savill is a freelance Photographer with passion and determination, who offers an enthusiastic and understanding approach to Documentary Photography and Photojournalism. His Photography will compliment your story, giving a strong impact, which will attract attention.

Having spent alot of time Studio Shooting, David has been able to study lighting in a controlled environment using lots different light modifyers. David has also been able to use different brands of camera equipment, enabling him to decide which is best for in, and out of the Studio. Now David is able to use this knowledge to produce incredible results in and out of the Studio. Throughout this time David has discovered that people tend to feel relaxed and speak openly around him, allowing David to connect with them on a much more personal level.

Thanks to David Savill's experiences, he is able to combine what he has learnt from shooting in the Studio and at Events, with shooting in the real world to produce Documentary Photography and Photojournalism for Clients, which not only has an "edge" to it, but is completely full of RAW emotion and energy looking striking when published.

David Says:

"...There are stories around every corner of every street around the entire world, some are
sad and some are happy, but most unfortunately have one thing in common... they're never
going to be told even when they really need to be.

Thats where my help comes in, for those few that do get told l get alot of enjoyment
producing the Photographs to help give those few stories as much meaning and impact
as possible in the eyes of the public..."

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