Photographer: David Savill

Having spent most of my life living in the beautiful picturesque Cotswolds in Cheltenham Gloucestershire, I cannot imagine a better place for fantastic Photography opportunities than here!

The scenery is truely beautiful providing endless 'natural Studios and Backdrops' with limitless diversity...

Photography has grown to be a passion of mine since starting in 2002, however I've only been lucky enough for Photography to have been my career in Cheltenham since 2010.

Having tried all kinds of Photography, my skills have developed within certain areas: Business Portrait, Fashion, Property, Event and Family Photography.

I do find Commercial Portraiture fascinating, because everyone has their own unique facial features and expressions, making each individual look better from certain angles in certain lights.

For me, being able to capture a Commercial Headshot or Commercial Portrait is possibly the most exciting challenge in Photography. A Headshot or Portrait has to grab the attention of the viewer immediately, and make the viewer actually feel a positive emotion about the person in the Commercial Headshot or Commercial Portrait.

When a viewer sees a Commercial Headshot or Commercial Portrait, it's vital that the viewer has the reaction of: "I like this person, we would get on well..." I am convinced this is a need for all businesses, from Acting, Singing or Modelling to Entrepreneurs and Office Employees.

Tha majority of my corporate clients, in and around Cheltenham, want Headshots and Portraits for their social media, for example: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterst to be able to connect better with their customers, often resulting in gaining more business leads from their high quality Photograph.

It is safe to say that a Commercial Headshot or Commercial Portrait is not something a Client is going to have to renew every other month. When a Client of mine receives their Commercial Headshot or Commercial Portrait, they know that they will be of such good quality, they will not have to book another appointment with me for 2 - 5 years.

Not many Photographers would be working this way, but this is how confident I am with my Photography, my fantastic equipment, and my skill and knowledge to get you the best results.